Alpaca Dressing Socks - 12 Pack

Very soft, baby alpaca socks...
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Alpaca Dressing Socks

Minimum order amount: 6 dozens

Beautiful dressing socks, alpaca-acrilyc blend, plated with stretch nylon, reciprocated and reinforced heel and toecap. Come in navy, beige, cocoa, gray, charcoal, brown, black, camel, off white, gray and silvergray. 

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A touch of sophistication and comfort. 


Product Dressing Socks
-Allergen free
Size - Measures S,M,L
Fiber % 40% Alpaca 40% Acrylic 20% nylon
Weight 0.3 Lbs.
Colors available Natural & dyed
Care instructions -Hand or machine wash gentle.
-Cool water with mild detergent. 
-Lay flat to dry.
-Do not bleach.
-Do not dry in the sun.
-Do not agitate or tumble dry.