Who we are?

is our trademark, a family owned business and working together commited to bring you a qualified product supplier service. We are constantly improving our website and product lines to give you a useful and nice variety of products. We love alpacas and we specialize in woven items.

As peruvians we want the world to know the richness and beauty of this fine fiber. Due to the aparition of unscrupulous sellers that work with doubtful quality alpaca products we felt the responsibility to protect the alpaca fiber reputation, and that’s how
Tualpaca.com™ started.

That’s why we are constantly investigating and improving and we are totally open to suggestions and new ideas.

Our Mission

To help our customers’s business grow and prosper offering them a satisfactory and confident service.
That’s why give a personalized service and try to stablish a confident relationship with our customers.

Our Vision

To become the most qualified alpaca products supplier in the market.



We always try to help the people of our country, is because of it that we support many artisans giving them work inside our company so that in this way they  can grow along with us.